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Preschool / Pre-K and School-Age ages are 2.9 years old to 8 years old. The Kids are all together learning from one another. Preschool & School-Age room can have 18 children in the classroom. Our Pre-school program approaches everyday with imagination, innovation, and most of all, fun! The curriculum includes a combination of group activities, problem solving skills, cognitive development, and the joy and excitement of learning. Patient, nurturing teachers guide children to make good choices.

Our Pre-school program emphasizes positive self-esteem, exploration, and experimentation that provide the foundation for academic success and lifelong skills.

The Pre-school curriculum focuses on:

  • Developing an appreciation of books and reading readiness
  • Promoting thinking and problem solving
  • Self-awareness, learning, & independence
  • Encouraging socialization and self-respect


Our Pre-kindergarten program is dedicated to providing a strong sense of self-esteem, security, and individuality. Each child's optimal growth and development is a primary goal of the curriculum. Through "Show and Tell" activities, field trips and special events, your child will become aware of cultures around the world. Along with weekly themes, our curriculum is supported by an academic enrichment program consisting of reading and math readiness skills that will prepare your child for kindergarten.

Your involvement in your child's classroom is always welcome as are your suggestions . Parents are welcome to chaperon or volunteer in the classroom.


School Ages is up to 8 years old. We only offer school vacation weeks & Summer time. This enriching program offers a safe, fully supervised environment for elementary school children. Providing a variety of fun and age appropriate activities, Just Children's enthusiastic teachers address the interests and development levels of children in kindergarten through grade school.

Our program promotes choices such as crafts, computers, homework, and sports, so children can experience independence in a structured environment.

Preschoolers excited about Pre-K graduation day.
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